• Free Asterisk ENUM service

    Asterisk ENUM service provide SIP route with community direction.

  • Free international phone numbers

    You may provide CNUM on your PBX service and direct call anyone in CNUM.

  • Simple integration

    When you start us ENUM on your PBX server you simple start calling without dialplan debuging

Voice over IP is cool and cheap?

Unfortunately, the answer is: no. Cheap or even free of charge, it is only when the caller also via VoIP can be reached. Normal calls to the normal telephone network are usually with the usual VoIP Providern usually more expensive than the use of call by call numbers. Also the call is a fixed line number, behind which however a VoIP connection is only free, if the IP way is selected. This is only the case if the respective parties have joined together.

The solution to this problem is to cnum.info. We offer one on ENUM-based least-cost routing function which can be easily integrated into existing ENUM compatible PBXs.

The development was mainly software for the Open Source PBXs Asterisk matched, but should be possible to implement in other system.

cnum.info determines the best to the destination number connection paths with help of several ENUM directories, and call-by-call providers over the conventional telephone network.

It is noticeable, that by call-by-call usually the cheapest connection routes are offered. Since the normal fixed network connection is used for this, the voice quality is correspondingly good and stable.

This project is designed for use in Finland (+358), Sweden (+46), Russia (+7), United Kingdom (+44), Germany (+49), Latvia (+371) and other.